Babcock IP has a primary focus on patents

We enhance our client's business opportunities/position with respect to United States of America and International patents by:

Service Features...

  • Counseling on individual patent and patent portfolio strategy
  • Evaluating invention disclosures for patentability
  • Drafting patent applications
  • Prosecuting patent applications
  • Initiating or responding to re-examinations, reissues and appeals
  • Advising on patent design-around opportunities
  • Monitoring competitor IP and filing 3rd-party preissuance submissions
  • Preparing defensive/offensive patent validity and infringement opinions
  • Evaluating potential infringements and performing pre-litigation contact/negotiation with 3rd parties

What working with Babcock IP means for you

Work entrusted to Babcock IP is initiated, and then followed through to completion, by a single lead attorney that works with you to understand the details of your business goal.
By providing an expert focus on patents, we move quickly and efficiently - our services are not hindered by additional layers of administration and/or authorization requirements frequently present in larger, multi-discipline law firms.

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To gain a full understanding of how our services can aid you in achieving your intellectual property goals, please contact us with any questions. We are available to assist you at your convenience.