Corporate Services

Services for Corporate Clients

Babcock IP works closely with corporations, providing timely and responsive intellectual property legal services including filing and prosecution of:

  • US Utility, Provisional and Design Patent Applications
  • International (PCT, EPO, China, etc) Applications in cooperation with our foreign associates
  • Re-examination, Re-issue and Appeal of Final Rejection to USPTO Patent Appeals Board and US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • Competitor IP monitoring and Third-Party Preissuance Submissions
  • Assignments/name changes and requests for certificates of correction
  • Co-ordination and filing of Patent Annuity / Maintenance Fees

Babcock IP can maximize your engineering staff productivity by offloading the burden of detailed disclosure drafting from the engineering staff. Appearing onsite or via telephone, a single Babcock IP attorney can interview the inventor(s), perform a patent search, draft a disclosure and return to the inventor(s) for review / further discussion to ensure that every desired aspect of the invention is captured. Between the two meetings, your engineering staff is freed to develop and or refine new products/concepts. With each disclosure, our familiarity with your technology areas increases, shortening the time required for interview and review.

Babcock IP is certified to submit invoices through the Serengeti electronic invoicing and tracking systems.

Babcock IP uses the Electronic Filing System (EFS) and Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) resources of the USPTO to expedite the application process and then track each application's progress. PAIR allows us to access the same real time status information used internally at the USPTO. We can report the PAIR status of a case to you immediately. For corporations with an in house patent department and a large patent docket with Babcock IP, we can create a unique PAIR customer number for you. This allows you to securely view the same real time PAIR application status information used by USPTO Examiners - from your own local internet connections.

Our use of EFS / PAIR enables:
  • Early publication of an application. This enables the earliest possible notice and potential damages calculation upon an alleged infringer
  • Minimization of USPTO transcription errors requiring certificates of correction
  • Monitoring the reception and transmittal of application papers, office actions and responses without lengthy status inquiry reply periods
  • Minimization of delays between filing of an allowed patent application's issue fee and patent issue

Ordinarily, Babcock IP prepares all required forms for signature. For emergency filings, our client downloadable power of attorney, inventor's declaration and assignment forms are available here. The completed and signed forms may be faxed to us for filing of a complete application without missing parts delays or late filing fees.